Electric Motor Design Expert


Jim Hendershot & Clyde Hancock have formed a partnership for the purpose of providing  design consulting services for the above mentioned technologies  through www.motorconsultants.com

Prototypes and testing services are provided through www.motorsolver.com                                                              

PM Synchronous  AC  Motor Design

Brushless DC Motor Design

Switched Reluctance Motor Design

Reluctance Synchronous Motor Design

AC Poly-Phase Induction Motor Design

James R Hendershot  retired on September 9, 2006 from MOTORSOFT that he founded in 1989.   He has 40 years experience in practical hands-on PM & SR brushless motor design, manufacturing and development. He has designed hundreds of brushless motors for computer disc drives, servo systems, high speed machine tool spindles, traction drives, hybrid vehicles, micro-turbines and diesel generators.   He has written numerous technical papers, publications and given tutorials on many different electric motor topics. 

Hendershot is the co-author with Professor TJE Miller of one of the leading text books on Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors and Generator Design. (ISBN 1-881855-03-1)  and the 2010 newly published “Design of Brushless Permanent-Magnet Machines (ISBN-13: 9780984068708). (Available at motordesignbooks.com)

The principle design services offered by Jim Hendershot involves expert electric motor design and simulation.  Detailed motor design training courses are also offered along with motor manufacturing processing, vendor selection assistance and patent advice..

The design and simulation tools used by Jim Hendershot for detailed and accurate electric machine design include MotorSolve & Magnet 2D/3D (by Infolytica), PSIM (by PowerSim), AutoCad, Solid Works, Matlab/Simulink & MathCad.

Jim Hendershot holds a B.S. in Physics from Baldwin-Wallace University plus graduate studies at Cleveland State University and Case-Western Reserve University. Jim specializes in the design and analysis of  both electro-magnetic and permanent magnetic devices.  In addition Jim Hendershot has 40 years of extensive experience designing, manufacturing and applying electric motors of most all types.  

By J R Hendershot & TJE Miller


This  2010 edition 822-page brushless machine design book is the latest edition of the best selling 1994 book by two well known authors.  This edition is generously illustrated in color as the authors have tried to catch up with the progress over the last 16 years of PM brushless machine design and development since their well known 1994 book.  Almost the entire work is the direct result of intensive consulting by the authors, in collaboration with many of the leading producers of the brushless permanent-magnet products worldwide.

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